Have a Damn Good Halloween!

Whether you’re inviting friends over for a night of horror movies and lots of candy or heading for a night out and zombie dancing, we’ve got you covered! Check our guide to a damn good Halloween!


0587206c5f4ec3bd62f841b5e89ff11dYou need: Your awesome self and friends

Watch: The Grudge, Paranormal Activity, The Ring. SAW, The Omen, Carrie

Listen: Panic! At the Disco – This is Halloween

Atmosphere: Lights out

Treat: Monster munch popcorn – This popcorn mix is chock full of Oreo cookies, mini marshmallows, and candy melts for the perfect salty/sweet combo! And how about these blood orange cocktails? Or Monster Cocktail Stirrers? Only if you dare..

                                                            NIGHT OUT


You need: Your awesome self and friends

Dressing up: This year, ditch the lazy Halloween dress up (cat ears, helloo!) and be more original. There are so many hilarious and terrifying things you can be! A minion, Double Rainbow, Emoji, The Flaming Carrot, The Firefox Logo, the possibilities are endless. A little effort goes a long way! If you’re not into the whole costume thing then grab some of these props to show that at least you made an effort – creepy contact lenses , awesome eyelashes  and other spooky accessories?

Let us know, what will you be dressing up as? We leave the venue choice to you and wish you an unforgettable Halloween!


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