A Dash of Fash x MyClique

We’re not sure if it’s the vibe in The Netherlands or just her but when we think of Iris from A Dash of Fash one word comes to mind: sunshine! Looking at her pictures you can’t help but notice not only the outfits but also her contagious smile. We just HAD to partner with her, right?

Besides a full-time fashion blogger Iris is also a graphic designer specialising in web, graphic, print, illustration & photography. Talking about talents, eh?

IMG_1578 IMG_9827 IMG_0639

We caught Iris off-schedule for a quick interview:

What will readers find on A Dash of Fash?

A fun mix of playful, stylish looks, graphic design, blog tips, travel pictures and trend reports.

What inspires you?

Reading magazines like Dazed, I-D, Company or Elle. I also get a lot of inspiration from Pinterest, there’s so many beautiful images to be found that are super inspiring. Of course I too have my favourite blogs. I really love Style Scrapbook and Wish Wish Wish.

You are a great influencer not only among your readers but also among your fellow bloggers. You regulargly post advice for bloggers and how they can make the most of their websites. Why is that important to you?

I started getting emails asking for my advice more and more and that’s how I found out that people like hearing my advice. So I thought why not take it to my blog and share my knowledge with everyone. There are a lot of things I didn’t know when I started out and I’m sure I would have been very happy if one of my favourite bloggers shared how they got where they are now.

Why are you excited about the collaboration with MyClique?

I love how intuitive the app feels and the beautiful video you can share with your friends definitely makes this app into something unique. It makes browsing for fashion inspiration much more fun than just Googling everything.

Love her outfits? Shop them right away with MyClique!


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