Decoded Fashion Meetup – Turning Content into Cash

Last Monday might have been the most depressing day of the year but Wednesday was a whole different story. Namely because we headed to Decoded Fashion’s first London meetup of the year.

Held at the beautiful Twitter HQ offices, fashion and e-commerce pros and enthusiasts gathered to discuss how technology can help brands turn content into cash. With social commerce on the rise thanks to new discovery apps and services, no wonder Twitter’s offices were buzzing that night.

Decoded Fashion Meetup in London, January 2015

Twitter’s Head of Media Partnerships, Kira O’Connor, kicked off the evening with some interesting statistics around Twitter and fashion conversations on the platform. She highlighted leading designers, publishers and influencers who are highly active on Twitter, including Stella McCartney, Karl Lagerfeld, Vogue UK, Elle UK, Man Repeller, Susie Bubble, Danielle Peazer and Rumi Neely. Access to new items, competitions and promotions, behind the scenes access to designers and exclusives of catwalk pieces are the top things fashion followers want to see more of on Twitter. Kira also answered the most important question of the night – Where did she get that stunning dress from?

Decoded Fashion Meetup in London, January 2015

We also heard from Steve Callanan, ‎CEO and Co-founder of Wirewax – a taggable video platform, empowering users to add clickable hotspots, or ‘tags’, to any moving person or object in a video. These tags can then link to extra content, opportunities to buy or help brands create immersive experiences. Wirewax case studies include Vans, Coach, Pepe Jeans and even USA Networks and Sherlock.

Tarika Soni explained how through deep-linking and real-time segmentation, TapCommerce offers reminders to users in-app, while Dave Murray from RewardStyle gave an insight into the workings of their tool which makes Instagram content shoppable.

Decoded Fashion Meetup in London, January 2015

Taken together, all these reflect one of the biggest goals of today’s marketers: to decrease the time between the moment of interest and the moment of purchase.

Image Credit: Decoded Fashion


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