Festival Essentials

Spring is in full swing and we’ve officially kicked off the festival season with Ultra and Coachella’s first weekend already behind us.

With a lot of festivals come a lot of fashion dilemmas. Should you keep your style game on top and LITERALLY die after an hour of walking / dancing / jumping / *insert a new move here* or should you opt for super comfy outfit that’s only 4/10 on the trend scale? Why is life so complicated!?

Luckily, we found and compiled our top picks for stylish and comfy festival outfits so you can be the queen of the dancefloor and the catwalk!

The Slip On Dress

From knee- to full length, this is a must have item for your festival wardrobe. Dresses are awesome because you don’t have to think about pairing them with anything. They will keep you stylish while still allowing you to move freely.


Wear with: ankle-length boots, statement accessories (but not too heavy!), headscarf or other headpiece (but leave out the flower crowns), cross-shoulder bag

Shorts & Top Combo

This is a festival classic. So comfy you can wear it every day of the festival! If you want no one to realize you’re practically wearing the same thing two days in a row, just refresh the classic take on this look by combining shorts with the upper part of a swimsuit and a cardigan instead.


Wear with: ankle-length boots, sunglasses (the bigger & crazier – the better), fedora hat, casual clutch


Like to the slip on dress, the tunic lets you crack a move while keeping your cool. Unlike the slip on dress you can choose to either pair the tunic with shorts or leave it as it is. These are usually shorter in length, so if you choose to wear it without shorts just be mindful about how high you jump.

04-coachella-street-style-19 Wear it with: sneakers, backpack, baseball hat


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